Towards the end of 2019 I started cross stitch as a means of distraction and stress relief. I needed something to focus on once most of the fallout after the unit fire had been dealt with.
I found a cross stitch kit in a charity shop of a snowman and it rekindled my love of the craft.

I managed to thrift a few items for my ‘stash’, signed up to a bi-monthly box (Mood by Innocent Bones) and I’ve not looked back!

Once again friends have been amazing, and with gifted threads and Aida and some charity shop finds, all my family and friends had a hand stitched Christmas present December 2019.

I’ve since found a new technique called Blackwork and have begun to design my own patterns.

Below are some of my stitches. I’ll be updating the page with completed pieces for sale, commission pieces and customisation