About Me

This is me – Tricia
Yes, it’s a toilet selfie, but the lighting was great!

So, thanks for being here and taking an interest in Hotties Vintage.
It’s been a bit of a journey getting here, so short-ish snap shot is below.

Hotties Vintage has evolved over the years but has always been focused on vintage and vintage styling.

It all stemmed from The Hostess Hotties, a duo with my wifey Louisa.
We used to run the front of house and stage management for cabaret and burlesque shows.
Our ‘thing’ was to dress to the theme of the show.
Every outfit had a splash of vintage via the jewellery and accessories. Plus size vintage is hard to find, trying to find two outfits – neigh on impossible.

As with most people inflicted with the love of vintage out ‘collections’ grew, and grew and grew…. So we started selling some of it. And that turned into buying… to sell, as ‘Hotties Vintage Accessories’

With a change in life situations for us both, a re-brand was due, thus it became ‘Hotties Vintage’.
Affordable vintage jewellery and accessories. A few years down the line (2017), a voluntary redundancy meant I could focus on Hotties Vintage full time and I expanded into selling plus size vintage style clothing.

Unfortunately this didn’t work out how I wanted it too, but it had meant I had been trading at more vintage fairs. Through a trader friend I heard of an opportunity to buy an already exiting vintage events company, so I jumped at the chance and changed the direction of my journey once again.

But this change, brought together in one space my different loves of the vintage – styling, Rock’n’Roll and classic and custom cars! The latter two our loves of my other half (Malc) so it’s a perfect thing for us to work on together.
This is Hotties Vintage Village.
We create events within events that include vintage shopping, a tea room, hair salon, dance classes and live music and DJs as well as fashion shows.

All was going well, we had began to build on what we did and we beginning to work with some very well established and respected events and venue, when live throw a massive curb ball our way.

Over night on 22nd May 2019, Malcolm and I lost everything we owned in a fire that completed gutted our live/work unit in Tottenham as well as 15 other businesses.
The fire was literally 2 days before our flagship event, on The Enfield Pageant of Motoring , but with the support of friends we were onsite and hosting the Vintage Village for the weekend.
To say that having the event to focus on got us through what happened to us is the biggest understatement of my live. I would not be in the position I am today had I not had that focus and traders I couldn’t let down.
Having managed to get ourselves a lovely flat, and Malc a new workshop and business (Malc’s Motorbikes) we could see things were picking up and we had a great calendar of events planning for 2020.

Which obviously the universe had other thoughts on!
So, yeah. no Vintage Village events in 2020 it would seem.

A fall back to try and earn some money has been my sewing. I picked up cross stitch towards the end of last year as a distraction and stress relief and a means of creating Christmas presents we wouldn’t other wise afford.

I’ve been stitching cross stitch, and a new technique to me, blackwork pieces all with a vintage flair or theme. And so Hotties Vintage Stitches was born.
I’ll be selling pre-stitched pieces and pieces I can customise for you. As well as patterns I have designed myself.
Pieces currently available along side needle minders can be found in my Etsy UK shop here

Anyway, that’s more than a ‘nutshell’ about me, so thanks for reading and I hope to see you at an event soon.

Tricia x